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Who we are

We’re Media Partner – performance marketing and social media agency
based in Vilnius

Our goal is customer growth, we are experts in digital campaign optimization,

management and effective communication solutions.

A team of experts

Our deep practical experience is complemented by a professional & ambitious team that is constantly learning and developing to deliver on the highest standards - yours. We never miss agreed deadlines or opportunities to share our gathered experience to benefit your overall marketing objectives. When it comes to digital marketing & social media content, we do not propose blank presumptions, we only offer examined solutions.

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Start on the right foot

We ask the questions and listen. At this stage our team evaluates the challenges you may be facing, learn about your market, the competition & understand your marketing goals for the target audience.

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Dig in the resources

We will analyze your historical data, customer experience, current setup, conversion tracking & social media profiles to find the best untapped opportunities.

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Strategy and Methodologies

It's time to map out your overall digital strategy & build out all the campaigns. You will get a detailed plan on what should be done with your assets and the reasoning behind the suggestions.

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Constant improvements

Weekly optimization strategies & tests will be set up to ensure the refinement of the current targeting to hit your marketing objectives and reduce irrelevant ad spend.

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Building on the success

To grow we will do periodic deep dives, identify winning concepts and grow on them. We'll let you know about the new opportunities, potential threats and eliminate the weaknesses.

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Case studies

Our clients experiences

How about we create something for you?


“ A team of highly skilled professionals that not only get great results, but also offer deeper performance insights and suggest ways to improve our overall marketing strategy. ”

Topo centras

“ The team at Media partner is always meeting deadlines and preparing for new releases in advance. Our audience is constantly growing and we‘re very happy with the content quality and ads performance ”


“ A reliable, operative & compassionate team of specialists that have a deep understanding of digital marketing, we‘re very happy with our long lasting partnership. There wasn't a problem that we could not solve, we liked that the team showed an interest in the actual lead quality not just the superficial dashboard metrics. ”


“ Media partner has been our digital marketing ally for a few years now, they are energetic specialists that have efficiently managed our digital ads across Google. We successfully minimized irrelevant ad spend while maintaining our desired results, without any hesitation we recommend them as a genuine digital marketing partner. ”


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