Full Service Social Media Content Management

Partner yourself with a team of skilled social media specialists to boost your business's popularity. From social media analysis, content strategy to crisis communication we will find the best way to present your brand to the world.

Our social media content strategy process

A holistic approach to social media communication and its integration into your overall marketing strategy.

1 step

Discovery & interviews

Our first task is to get to know your business goals, objectives & your social media content creation capabilities. We will analyze your current creative materials & try to hear a range of voices within your organization to ensure we have a full understanding of your needs and company culture.

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2 step

Crunching those numbers

Social media content strategies are about creativity, words & pictures, however, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the numbers. Historical data of your social media content results can help us better understand who your social media audience is while providing insights about the current content performance.

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3 step

Putting it all together

We shape your social media content strategy by precisely defining your goals & objectives, identifying how content can contribute to the achievement of each objective and laying out a roadmap for the content needed. A social media brand book would be created to better understand visual ideas.

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4 step

Driving success

Social media content strategy is not a one-way street. Once we get your feedback on the content styling, planning & any other aspect of our social media strategy it can be further refined before we start the communication on your social networks.

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5 step

Identifying what worked

Continuously monitoring the results, testing new creatives & tweaking the overall strategy to make the messaging more clear and enticing to the end user.

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Our area of expertise

We excel at

Facebook content

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TikTok content

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Scale up your business.

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The creative minds behind the results

No freelancers. No outsourcing. We have an in-house team of social media strategists, project managers, content creators, designers, and video editors that can assist you in every aspect of your social media campaigns and long-term strategy. From social media campaigns for a product launch to long-term communication, optimization, and beyond, our team has created over 15K social media content units in 7 years and we are happy to translate that experience into your business's popularity.

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Why Media Partner?

Creative ideas based on experience

You will receive an original approach to social media and content management which is based on years of practice & research.

Custom reporting

Periodically, you will receive detailed reports and recommendations with deeper insights to assist with your overall marketing objectives.

Wide expertise

Our specialists are well trained in social media strategies, analyses, and optimization.


Asking the right questions and listening into the answers. Trying our best to understand the client, their perspective, market, problems and goals.

Case studies

Our clients experience

How about we create something for you?


All the answers you need

Who we work with?

We work globally and are able to serve any market however most of our clients are located in Europe.

Do we require long term contracts?

We do have a 3-6 month initial contract that allows us to have enough time to develop a proper strategy & get the desired results, however after this period we move to a month to month agreement.

Which locations do we serve?

We accept clients worldwide.

What's your pricing?

Our fees mostly depend on your needs & the difficulty of original content production in your niche, it really is a case to case basis so do get in touch for a accurate estimate however the bare minimum is 750€/mo/profile.

How does your reporting work?

We send out monthly and quarterly reports with the key metrics we identify as the most important success indicators for your business.

How much imput do you require?

It's entirely up to you, we can operate completely autonomously, only validating our ideas with you or we can collaborate on any desired level, provide guidance & develop a mixed approach.  

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