Full Service Digital Ads Campaign Management

Partner yourself with a team of senior ads specialists to maximize the return of your campaigns. From auditing to scaling we will find the solutions that will get your desired results.

How we manage digital ads campaigns

A holistic approach to online advertising that minimizes wasted ad spend and focuses on ROI based decision making. Leverage our team of experts that have helped hundreds of companies in different business verticals.

1 step

Start on the right foot

We'll review the challenges you are facing, learn about your market, the competition, your overall marketing goals, your ideal target audiences & necessary deadlines.

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2 step

Time for an audit!

Our team will identify your strengths, untapped opportunities, potential threats and weaknesses of the current digital marketing strategy. We will evaluate the setup of your digital assets & mine the account's historical data to isolate valuable insights.

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3 step

Preparing the road map

Next is establishing a 90 day plan to eliminate weak points, fix the bugs and grow on previous strengths. Agreeing on concrete deadlines & KPI's is at the core of this process. 

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4 step

Maximize the returns

Weekly optimization of the campaign targeting, ads, account structure & other settings to increase the return while reducing the spend. Testing the creatives, audiences & offers allows us to identify the best performers.

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5 step

Expansion of the strategy

Scaling the winning campaigns - using the best identified offers, audiences and creatives to increase the reach and conversion volumes while meeting the desired target cost per acquisition or return on ad spend.

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Our area of expertise

We excel at

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

Google Discovery Ads

Youtube Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Bing Ads

Scale up your business.

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The minds behind the results

No freelancers. No outsourcing. We have an in-house team of PPC experts that can assist you in every aspect of your digital ads campaigns. From conversion tracking to custom reporting, optimization and beyond, our team has managed over 270 different accounts globally and we are happy to translate that experience into your campaign development.

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Why Media Partner?

Custom reporting

You will receive easy to read dashboards made to answer all your performance questions. Periodically, you will receive detailed reports and recommendations.

Flexible communication

While we know that communication is very important, the frequency, format and channels we can work with can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Wide expertise

Our specialists are well trained in ads managing, tracking set up and website conversion rate optimization.


Asking the right questions and listening to your answers. Trying our best to understand the client, their perspective, market, problems and goals.

Case studies

Our clients experience

How about we create something for you?


All the answers you need

Who we work with?

We work globally and are able to serve any market however most of our clients are located in Europe.

Do we require long term contracts?

We do have a 3-6 month initial contract that allows us to have enough time to develop a proper strategy & get the desired results, however after this period we move to a month to month agreement.

What reports will I receive?

We mostly prepare dynamic reports that include the metrics you require or are interested in. If you're not sure what kind of KPI's you want to track we'll create a customizable report based on the most important metrics.

How quickly will I see results?

There is no easy answer to this question as there are many components to a successful digital strategy that go beyond the scope of our abilities. However, we always agree on the main KPI's that need to be met in 3 months time.

What are our fees?

They mostly depend on your advertising budget however we use different payment models based on: results, ad spend, hourly rate or a mixture of all, get in touch for a detailed answer. 

Will I have access to my accounts?

Always, whether we optimize an existing account or create a new one you'll always have direct access if you want to.

Which locations do we serve?

We accept clients worldwide.

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Book a 30 min deep dive session with our experts to discuss the best ways we can help you improve your digital game plan.

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